The Next Osama

Viral Fear and The Fall of One Small American Family

The King of Terrorism is dead. Long live the King.

Osama bin Ladin has at long last been eliminated. But the many-headed hydra brings forth the next crown-bearer before we’ve even had time to change channels. And the Next Osama is a far more ordinary-looking, charming and dangerous threat than we’ve ever seen before. He is a college-educated, smooth, multi-lingual businessman who blends into Fifth Avenue as easily as he does on a college campus.

This is the story of The Next Osama and the face of fear the media burns into our minds.

This is the story of Jake and Marcy Ann Willsea, two struggling, restless young people who think they’ve seen the most wanted terrorist on Earth in a small store in rural New York. Longing to leave their run-down bungalow and the ordinary lives they lead, they use the sighting to make a run for the fast track of American fame and wealth. Married right out of high school, parents when they’d barely stepped out of their own childhoods, they are enticed by the false promises of American culture and the lure of fame only to be lost in a vortex of avarice and fear.

This is the story of Misha Sandowsky, a flawed figure of Biblical proportions who has rejected everything Jake and Marcy Ann so desperately desire. And in his quest to make things right with God, he forsakes all that God has given him, divesting himself of his fortune, his family, and his friends. He wanders the woods until circumstances beyond his control force him to realize what it is he really needs.

This is the story of the Media, its voracious hunger, its salacious insensibility and lurid obsession with scandal.

This is the story of Agent Barber, one of the last incorruptibles, and his very real struggle to keep Americans safe.

This is the story of what we see, what we don’t see, what we think we see, and all the gray spaces between.

This is the story of what fear does to one family, but it is also the story of what it does to us all.

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