The Next Osama and The Next One After That

A Warning: The Difference Between Fear and Preparedness

“The enemy is within the gates; it is with our own luxury, our own folly, our own criminality that we have to contend.” Cicero

Wars today are waged in our own living rooms. Terror sleeps in our beds and eats at our kitchen tables. The media has brought them in and we allow them to stay. Having others think for us, formulate our opinions and shows us the way is a luxury and a danger we have all embraced. Yes, we make choices, every moment of every day. Some small and seemingly meaningless. Others after long periods of what we believe to be thoughtful consideration. But most of them–in fact, almost all of them in our culture are made increasingly out of fear.

It is the true crime of our time–perpetuated by each and every one of us. We worry about becoming victims, yet each of us willingly and gladly hands over our power to whatever and whomever seems to have a bit of what we crave at the moment.

It is the true misconception of our time–that the media is our source of truth and good judgment. Our perceptions are formed by the news and entertainment media on a daily basis. But does the truth really lie in what we are looking at on the screen or what is happening behind the scenes?

The truth is that there is a monumental, life-altering difference between the viral fear that is promulgated by the media and the proper awareness that alerts us to real danger.

The research has shown over and over that terror paralyzes. It does not prepare.

Which begs the question: When the Next Osama, the next crisis, the next swine flu, the next danger is flashed across our screens, what do we do?